I continue a series of articles for beginners. A lot of people ask me, but do not you have a blog on learning what some articles basic level? They, of course, there is, but something new and important always find a place in my blog. And the repetition bases over does not happen, right?

Anyone who owns a website wants to have as much of the traffic that will not cost a penny to its owner. Here it is the corner-stone of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! To get your free traffic you need to your site is in the top ten search results in the major Internet search engines. While others talk on a vast number of parts constituting a successful seo company, we will look at a few things that can easily fit into the size of a single article, and will be simple and clear to everyone. Little to improve your site, and, by the way, it’s completely free.


  1. The design of your site
    is one of the factors that is often neglected, so we need to make sure that the layout and design of your site to search engines like it. It is necessary to use text navigation and not to use pictures, restrict the use JavaScript’ov and Flash. Accurate navigation by sections and categories will also help to organize the site and will provide an opportunity to develop in the right direction.
  2. Keyword Selection
    Each and every page of your site should have its own unique keywords and phrases, which in the future it will be promoted. When you generate keywords for your site, it is necessary first to select those in which the easiest way to promote the page. These are words that are not used very much in demand, but it and the competition for them is minimal. Our goal – to start with simple words and gradually move to a more competitive words.
  3. The page title. Title
    of each page should focus on specific keywords. We were talking about them in the previous paragraph. Title page tells search engine spiders what this page, and what to expect from its content. Always use keywords and phrases that you want to move in the page titles. Subject always contained within the tags . Also refrain from using the name of the company or the website of the title, it just dilute the importance of keywords for which the page is moving.
  4. Description. Meta Description
    While a lot of meta tags, such as keywords, are no longer used by search engines to determine the content of the village, description meta tag is still used. Sometimes the contents of the meta search engine is displayed as the description after the link to your website in the search results. Of course, description practically no effect on the quality of your site’s ranking, however, it helps potential visitors to make a choice – to press or not to press on the link. Use keywords in the description, but most importantly do this description attractive to visitors, so they had an incentive to click and get information.
  5. Keywords Titles. H1 … H6
    Imagine that your home page is the first page of the newspaper. The headings give an overview of what is contained within the notes or articles.The headlines on the page of the site work in a similar manner, the title contains the keywords for that page is optimized. When you compose a title, add to it the words that you have picked up. On the other hand, the title should not consist of only key phrases.
    And yet, not all work the same headlines. There are 6 types of header, starting from <H1> and ending <H6>. The most important is the <H1>, then goes to <H2>, and so on. Therefore, always use titles when writing texts for a site.
  6. The key words in the text
    When you write the text you want to use the selected key phrases for the page of the site as natural as possible. Just forget about keyword density, think otherwise. Write the text, and from time to time “as if” remembers keyword and mention it. Because the concentration of keywords natural only if the keyword is combined with the words surrounding it. You can also see what words Google considers similar to your keywords by using this service .
  7. Relink pages Site
    Links are very important for search engines. This does not mean only the external links coming to the site, but is also very important and relinking within a site. When you refer to some of the pages of your site to another page, use keywords in the title references (an anchor).
  8. Using pictures and images
    Pictures are very important in the text, because they improve readability. But not only this. When you use the image on the page is important to remember two things. The first – a description of the image using the alt tag. For example, if you write a text about training dogs, it would be a good idea to insert the image associated with the text, and alt tag for each image contains a description. The second thing – add another description below the picture. But do not make the mistake of filling these places set of keywords. Simply put, do a very brief and clear description of the image.

All these seo-tips for internal optimization will work in your favor, if you will use them to create each page of your site.

Although for someone to follow these items may be too time-consuming process. In this case it is better to entrust it to professionals. There are many writers, copywriters, who are happy to take on this work and for a very reasonable price. This will allow you to focus on more important things, such as link building to the site. And the better you work with all of these factors, the requests for more competitive you will be able to undertake.