While no interest to emphasize the importance of SEO, I do consider important the main lines recommend that you should consider in 2016 to carry out a proper SEO strategy.

The SEO remains one of the most opaque disciplines within the digital world and it is precisely this aura of mystery that makes it so interesting.

As you know since late 2010 Google began to go crazy with a whole series of algorithms designed to prevent malpractices to organically position terms of our interest.

Since the launch of the first Panda algorithm, they have been followed by Penguin and Hummingbird among others and whose mission is to penalize those websites that do not follow the recommendations of the almighty Google.

Since then and until today these algorithms have evolved and are more “intelligent” and are here improving day by day to ensure that your website is relevant.

In this line I give the 7 keys that I believe are and will be most important for a good SEO positioning in this 2016:


Semantic SEO

Having clear a good keyword strategy and make appropriate use a semantic level is something that will improve organic positioning.

As a post  years ago with Keywords (keyword stuffing), today makes no sense and Google values keywords in a much broader semantic concept.

Before worth : hairdressing Madrid ; Today it : hairdresser in Madrid .

No more trying to balance the anchor text with links and titles.

Today is vital to address the content through a wide and natural range of keywords and long tail of the term derivatives we want to position.

Opting for a natural SEO and usability in mind and not in Google .


The Linkbuilding is effective

It is true that Google prohibits it. It is about making a natural link building and value. This translates into links coming from other websites that have authority, that are related to our subject and that the link text is natural.

If you do this so you would say the Linkbuilding is essential.

I recommend that you post in 2014 included an infographic with the tips to avoid a bad Linkbuilding

Now the most natural links and greater force transmitted are those derived traffic and thus are able to provide to Google “credibility”.


User response

Is the buzzword (UK) and one of the greatest force will have this year when scaling positions in the SERPS.

This simply means assessing user behavior once this access our site. You see it makes perfect sense to think that Google wants to deliver relevant results to users and that does not seem very logical that a term is in top positions and then the user once on our site does not interact with the site. Google measures these aspects very easily with KPI, s as bounce rate, visit duration or number of page views.

Bounce rate: a user enters a web, bounces back to the results list to perform the same search. The search engine interprets our page did not find what I was looking for and that makes negative values of our page.



We continue with the logic of Google. If a term appears for example in top positions but eventually users will not they clicked considerably, Google will think the snippet or meta description not attractive for Keyword that triggered that result.

CTR is an important factor for positioning. Having a high CTR is  that Google will continue shown your page in search results. In fact it is something that has been happening for years with Adwords and Quality Score: CTR is one of the parameters that Google considered to assign the level of quality.


Social networks

The result of a social media strategy, besides the own communication, engagement and branding is a clear improvement of SEO.

If you get actual relevance on social networks you will get traffic to your website and therefore greater user response (RU). Pair it with a content strategy of your blog and do not give up Google + .

You will see how your SEO improvement by not being in social networks but by amplification of the contents of your website.


Content-oriented mobile

No mobile: no positioning . From April 2015 Google begins to punish worst positions to all those pages that have adapted your website to all kinds of devices (responsive design).

You can not conceive of an SEO strategy if your website is not optimized for mobile. A couple of years Google promoted sites adapted to devices. Today is, as they say now at MUST and penalize your website if not resposive.


Marketing Influences.

SEO not consider it a factor but it is crucial when implementing a strategy of organic positioning.

It is analyzed and have bloggers, tweeters and anyone relevant to digital level and that is related to your industry or topic. From here come into play 6 points described above and this will tell you in the next post.

If you want to learn more about the tricks and best practices of SEO in 2016 can contact isolated (Digital Marketing Agency)