As much to tell us their detailed technical descriptions, one has the feeling, more or less widespread, the batteries of smartphones last less in each new generation .Gone are the years of long – lived robust and Nokia, when a single charge could keep the phone, it still was not smart , more than a week at full capacity. Of course, at that time, we did not look the phone an average of 150 times a day , as they explain some recent studies. Anyway, we dates on our mobile shows smoke from Christmas cards by WhatsApp messages by Facebook or likes on Twitter , If you want your smartphone has more life than usual, apply these seven simple tricks that lengthen your battery.


Do not wait until it is 100% load

Current lithium-ion batteries that use modern phones do not need to be charged to the maximum at each outlet. In fact, they appreciate partial loads because they extend its life. It is better to charge a pair or three times (maximum) per day your phone, without any reaching 100%, that leave the phone to zero and load it to the maximum once. He explains a commendable study of Battery University in which, among other things, we also recommend we turn mobile occasionally . The device is very prepared for the ‘war’, but not for a 24-hour day for 365 days a year.


Close apps … but not all

A smartphone with twenty open applications is a smartphone stressed. Try to close applications when you used, especially those that consume more battery power, such as Google Maps or Spotify . However, you should not close those appsthat open every so often , like WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, as the phone battery spends more opening them every now and that keeping them in the background.


Reduces blocking time to the maximum

To check the time. To read the notice of Twitter . To check the WhatsApp . To look at the calendar. They are actions that we do several times throughout the day. If after each of them leave the mobile on the table, it does not turn off (or hang) until some time passes. Well, that time can be reduced and it should be done to make the battery last longer. In iPhone, for example, we have to go to “Settings> Display & Brightness> Auto – Lock” and specify that turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity. Some Android models allow this time to be 10 or 20 seconds.

Lower the brightness of the screen and bet on dark themes

A classic. The screen takes a good part of the power of the mobile, more if we consider that it turns on about 150 times a day. Lower brightness to a reasonable degree that allows you to read notifications and perform basic functions. By the way, the darker the subject of your screen , consume less battery: note that the phone displays the black “turning off the light” behind those pixels.


Keep your apps up to date

Some of the updates that offer apps have to do with the battery consumption, so it is advisable to keep them updated . Of course, fail to update them when you ‘re connected to WiFi and try not to do it the day you’ll need your smartphone at full capacity for several hours.


Use specific apps to save

Although not a panacea for both Android and iOS there are several applications that perform some of the functions mentioned to extend your phone battery . Battery Doctor is available in both operating systems ( Android and iOS ) and is quite simple: with a single button will disconnect several energy – intensive processes. Android also has a lot of success Juice Defender .


Disconnect the WiFi, data and bluetooth

When your battery situation is very desperate, or if you know that you will need at the end of the night, is quite clever disconnect services require more energy, such as WiFi, data or bluetooth . The most useful thing in the Christmas celebrations usually the camera, you do not need to be connected to the Internet, so connect to the network (WiFi, if possible, or data rate) from time to time, just to check notifications .