Can you make money with a blog quickly?

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know that a blog is a good source of passive income , but it is not something that can be achieved in the short term.
make money from blog
Many think that to make money online with a blog just type a couple of times a week and sit back and wait for the Adsense revenue start arriving.
Internet businesses do not work well.
If you are working as an employee and want to earn extra income in the medium / long term or even want to live someday passive income, but not in a hurry, creating a blog is something you really recommend it , but if what you want is to make money quickly things get complicated.

Google Adsense?

Adsense pays really little and gain a reasonable amount each month need to receive thousands of daily visits, something difficult to achieve in 2 or 3 months.

Do you program affiliate?

More of the same.
Perhaps with little traffic get occasional sale, but if you want a steady income, need time to generate adequate traffic and confidence to your readers not trust you and decide to buy what you recommend.

To sell your own product?

It does not take long to collect your knowledge in a book and publish it on your blog or Amazon, but if you take time to get visitors to your blog or reputation to battle your way into Amazon or other platforms.

So it is impossible to make money online quickly?

Do not.
The fastest way to start earning some money is …. Offering your services .

How to earn money online offering your services.

My blog is not focused on generating revenue with services because I do not consider a passive income. To make money you have to work in the service, if you do not work you do not win anything.
Rather I am working on the blog focus affiliate programs as main source of income, where income if they are liabilities.
However, I have a couple of services that people can contract and without being an expert in the subject, I’ve gotten occasional hiring and several other people were interested in them.
What I mean by this is that if you want to earn money in the short term is ideal offer your services about something you know and people do need to hire .

How I can offer my services?

  • Create a blog about a specific service , which explain in detail what people can get from you.
  • Explains including your service and what not included.
  • Put a competitive price and make it clear at all times what the customer will pay, no surprises.
  • It includes a picture of yours because it generates confidence.
  • It includes opinions from people you have already hired on occasion (I know it is difficult at first when you have not yet hired anyone).
  • Promote your service .

Concept of a plant and a lot of golden coins isolated on white background

The last point is the most complicated of all, but you have several tools at your disposal to do so.
  • Publish your new service networks and ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter to help you disseminate information.
  • Google Invests in Adwords or Facebook Ads for the first customers.
  • Look after your first customers to make them happy and start to recommend.
  • Looking very specific keywords with little competition that you can position your blog short term.


You are very well want to make money with a blog monetize with Adsense or affiliate programs, but if you want to make money as quickly as possible, forget about these methods and begin to offer a service of something you know to do.
Do you have experience earning income on the Internet?
Did you manage to make money in the short term?
Share with us how you got it.