To achieve success with your blog, you need to create on a subject with which you find comfortable and you can talk for hours, either because you are passionate about or because you have a lot of knowledge about it.

I know how you feel. I have also gone through this initial phase.

You’ve decided to blog , but you want to find a theme that really be successful and demanded on the Internet and you are looking for ideas to make a blog that stands out and cut right through the large number of blogs that exist on the Internet.
At the end of this post I want to give you a list of good ideas for a blog , but before that, I give you 4 questions that you should get , which will help you find the ideal place for a successful blog topic.

4 questions that you should get for ideas to make a blog successful.


1. What is your passion?

To make a blog that makes a difference, you need to write about a topic that really excites.
In my case, my passion is online marketing,  I have more than 2 years writing about these topics in this blog, and could throw me 2 more years doing the same without a problem.
To know what you are passionate about yourself the following questions:
  • On what topic you could be talking for hours at a bar with your friends?
  • On what I think when you lie down and when you become a lift?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • On what topic people come to ask you to answer your questions?
  • What experiences have you lived you can share with others?
If you love motorcycles and sport can make a blog engine where you write advice when buy a bike, information about the latest Moto GP races, as do the fine tuning of your bike …

2. What do you learn?

If you are in a learning process, you can use this situation to create a blog about why you’re learning, helping others in your same situation.
If you are learning Japanese, why not create a blog about learning Japanese where you share what you learn? You can monetize recommending a course of Japanese taking you a commission for each sale you get.

3. What do you get?

Imagine you are an amateur swimmer who you are preparing for high competition.
In that case you can make a blog where you write about your personal experience preparing for professional swimming, and where des advice on sports nutrition, methods pair being fit, motivation …
Create a blog about what you are living will help you connect with an audience that is experiencing the same thing as you.

4. How can you help others?

Think about that subject have knowledge that could make life easier for others.
Perhaps you are an expert making tables in Excel and sharing that knowledge would you do your life easier administrative thousands who get stuck with certain features of this program.
Perhaps you’ve traveled extensively in Spain and you can make a blog recommend the best places to visit in Spain, helping people who are planning your next getaway weekend.

A river of ideas to make a blog.

4 questions that just gave you, sure a river of ideas begin to flow from your head.

Take pen and paper and start making a list of ideas that have come to mind.
Once you have a list of possible topics 6 or 7, think about whether there is a good niche market in these issues. Do you really want someone you have to tell?

Use Google Adwords Tool to find keywords that could be used within that theme, with which you will see the number of people who are interested in this subject.
It also analyzes the websites that appear on the first page of Google when looking for those keywords, so you’ll see the competition.
Are webs of authority?
Do you use your selected keywords in the URL, the title, description?
Do they have a high PA and DA?

20 ideas to make a blog.

Then I have 20 ideas have occurred at a time, although I could give you many more. Still, this list can you open your thinking and serve you for a light bulb comes on in your head🙂
  1. Developments and trends in the world of social networks.
  2. Tourism, events and things to do in your city or region.
  3. Best places to visit in your country.
  4. Lists as Best Internet providers, best phones on the market, shops to buy online …
  5. Guides with typical posts of “How to get ….”, “How to ….”.
  6. Personal blog with experiences on X theme.
  7. Upbringing and education of children.
  8. Extreme sports.
  9. Recipes and modern cuisine.
  10. Travel blog where count your experiences.
  11. Politics and economy developments within the world of politics in your country.
  12. Blog hunting and fishing.
  13. Games and entertainment.
  14. Blog about the Olympics.
  15. Business entrepreneurs.
  16. marital relations.
  17. Psychology.
  18. free courses online.
  19. Animals and pets.
  20. Health and natural remedies.

Do you have an idea? Make your blog already.


Guide to making a blog.

Making a blog is not complicated , but it is advisable to use the methods and ideal tools to do things right from the start.
If you only want to share pictures of kittens on the couch, do a blog on Blogger is fine, but if you want to make a fairly serious blog, you have to make a professional blog, in which case WordPress is the ideal platform.
To make a blog on have to buy a domain and a hosting contract, but do not panic, investment is about 3 $ month, almost nothing.