Having a blog or a website on the Internet is part of a constant struggle to appear in the top positions of Google. In this post I want to explain how to improve your CTR with Google featured fragments. Doing some keyword searches on Google, I found the following results: When searching the keyword make money with a blog is highlighted a blog Post.   what you see in the picture is a highlight of Google fragment. See that Google is a leading fragment and as you can use them to increase web traffic to your blog .  

What is an outstanding piece of Google?

A prominent piece of Google (or featured snippet) is a result that appears at the top in a search and summarily shows you a reply to the query you’re doing on Google, taken from a website. It also includes a link to the page, the title of it and its url.

  Google does not always display such fragments. According to a study by Stone Temple , it makes only 19% of searches.   Sometimes also it shows the prominent fragment in the right column. What Google seeks highlighting these fragments is to improve the user experience and thanks to this, you can take advantage to improve the CTR of your website and increase visits. If your website appears as a featured piece clearly highlights, as its name suggests 🙂among other options, increasing the visibility of your post. According to a study, visits to a post that appears as a featured fragment, increase more than 30% .  

What to do for your post appears as an outstanding piece of Google?

In the help section for webmasters, Google clearly states that you can not do anything directly to get your posts appear as featured fragments . According to Google, we highlight posts that offer a direct answer to a question, therefore worthwhile to note that article. With this in mind, there are certain actions you can take to get your posts are highlighted by Google:  

1. Selection of keywords.

First you use the keywords that may be an opportunity to appear positioned such searches. Select keywords that do not have high competition to appear on the first page of Google and also to be a question that users often do. Example: “How to make money with a blog.”  

2. Post content in question-answer format.

In the post you are going to publish, adapt the contents thereof to show definitions and answers to questions your readers usually have.  

3. Use the appropriate structure.

One of the most important points is to structure your posts correctly, titles, subtitles (H2, H3, H4 …) lists, tables, etc … for Google display and correctly understand the content of the post.  

4. Show step by step instructions.

Something like what I’m doing with these points. In this way, Google can use the titles of each of the steps to summarize and show it to the user.  

5. Show answer in the right place.

If we put the question (with which we appear highlighted in Google) in a title (H2 or H3), you must show the answer then the question, in a not very long paragraph, about 50 or 70 words.  


By following these steps you will get two things: First analyze better what your readers are looking at your blog and better structure your content for better understanding. Second, have a much better chance that Google highlights your content among other results, and increase your CTR thus receiving more visits. Of course following the steps does not guarantee you that your posts appear highlighted in Google, but will increase the chances for this to happen. If you follow these steps and you get appear highlighted, do not forget to stop by here to share your experience with us.