90% of blogs end up abandoned in its first 12 months of existence , and in many cases, this is due to lack of ideas to write about posts.In this post we will Explain How To Write a Blog Post


Writing a blog when the ideas do not flow

When you create a blog, you start with great enthusiasm and many ideas for content you want to share on the blog, but as they pass the weeks and months, the ideas are depleted and there comes a time when you sit at the computer to write a new post (as it may take a month without posting anything), you get stuck and do not know about you can further write.

Writing a blog when the ideas do not flow


To avoid any problem I wanted to share this post with 30 topics on which you can write on your blog , when the ideas do not flow.
Please note that these ideas may vary or may not be valid for your blog, depending on which is the subject of it.

Write an Awesome Blog Post

1. Name a popular post.

Maybe you’ve come across a post that called you a lot of attention in a blog well known within your niche. You can write a post on your blog where you post the link to the post and where to share your views on this post.

2. Share your disagreement with popular opinion.

The controversy generated discussion and attracts web traffic on social networks. Write a post where you post your disagreement with popular opinion. Surely a discussion post comments generated.

3. Share the news of your niche.

Use Google Alerts to keep up with news that may be of interest to your readers, and share information on the latest news that is interesting.

4. Success Story of a client.

If you have a blog where you offer a service and you receive an email from a satisfied customer you have reached your goal, ask permission to share their experience in a post. This will encourage other readers to hire your services.

5. Name great bloggers or famous people.

One type of post that is usually much like readers is dedicated to talking about a famous or popular person within the niche, the success that this has had, their experiences, etc.

6. Collect your blog comments.

Write a post compiling the best comments your readers have posted on your blog.

7. Answer questions.

If you have a blog that receives hundreds or thousands of daily visits, you will receive more than one email weekly from readers asking questions. Write a post where to answer these questions, and that might doubt that most of your readers share.

8. Post a review.

Perhaps you read a book recently seen a movie or consumed any product related to the theme of your blog. Write a review on it where to indicate your experience and your opinion about this book, movie or product.

9. Raises a question to your readers.

You might want to launch a new product or service on your blog and have questions about what your readers think. Take a post for throwing a question and you answer in the comments.

10. It generates excitement.

Perhaps you are going to launch a new product in your blog in a few months, or you plan on publishing a new section with new content. Use a post to talk about what is about to reach the blog, generating excitement in your readers.

11. Talk about a product or service.

Write a post about this product or service you want to recommend to your readers. The affiliate marketing is ideal to monetize your posts, earning a commission for each sale you get generated.

12. Post a comparison.

Consumers we like to compare the different options we have to make a purchase. Post a comparison of two similar products. An example would be comparison vs Samsung Galaxy Iphone 6S 6S.

13. Share video.

When you find on YouTube a video that might interest your readers, share a post with your point of view on it. It may be the video of an interview, an advertisement, a news …

14. Share a podcast.

Record a podcast where you give a series of tips on a specific theme and share it in a podcast. This type of content is ideal for your readers can access it while driving or in the gym.

15. Post an infographic.

Readers increasingly more read less and scan the content of the posts. Infographics are ideal for sharing an outline of what we publish. In addition, infographics tend to share a lot in the nets so they are ideal for attracting web traffic to your blog.

16. Share your experiences.

Have you experienced a personal experience that will be of interest to your readers? Share it on your blog.

17. Talk about you.

Readers like to know who is behind the blog “cold” that are put legend.Queen face. Post a post where to talk a little about yourself and what you intend your blog.

18. Talk about your favorite blogs.

Write a post where to recommend your 5 favorite blogs or read blogs regularly.

19. Generates a debate.

This is a method I like to use on my blog occasionally. It’s a good way to attract visitors and generate comments on your blog.

20. Talk about your failures or errors.

We all like to share our success stories , but published the mistakes you’ve made builds confidence in the reader as it does not seem that only try to sell the bike.

21. Take a survey.

Ask a survey where your readers ask certain questions that you might find useful. You can do this with Survey Monkey or Facebook.

22. Share the results of the survey.

Once you have published a survey, do not leave readers with uncertainty and publishes a post with the results you have obtained.

23. Count your origins.

Everyone we like to read about success stories or were your beginnings in the world where you move and how you got to get where you are now.

24. Use keywords.

When you do not know what to write, you can use Google Adwords Tool to generate a list of keywords that you can use to publish posts to your blog.

25. Read your competition.

I’m not saying that you copy the contents of your competitors, but reading what they publish know more or less what you can interest your readers and you may get ideas on what you share on your blog.

26. Use your sense of humor.

Seize the sense of humor to give a different view of a particular subject. This blog post that tried to stick a little humor is The most ridiculous searches done on Google .

27. Ask a guide.

The “guides” or “As you do something …” are very popular and your readers will thank you .

28. Public listed or tips.

This post is a good example of a list of tips that you can publish for your readers to be able to achieve a goal.

29. Resume the best of your blog.

If your blog has a lot of content, sometimes simply you can publish a post with a reminder of the best posts on a certain topic.

30. Account as you came to an idea.

As I emerged the idea of creating a product or create your blog published a post.


You know that when you run out of ideas to write your blog, you can use this list that can inspire you publish a new post on any of these points.
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