You can send emails anonymously to Anyone,
Avoids the recipient knows
the origin of the mails, but later you will receive your answer  normally.
 It is, though limited free tool.
How to send an anonymous email

1: Choose your favorite email platform

Send one anonymous email can be tremendously useful , but we’ll let you guess exactly what. You may want to not face when sending a mail, and you’re on your right. There is a tool that lets you send a hidden mail without having to install anything.
It also has an unexpected bonus: the recipient will respond to mail even if it was sent anonymously. The mail will arrive in your inbox, even if that person unaware of your email.


The trick works in gmail and other platform,  such as Hotmail and Outlook.

2: Modify the e-mail recipient

2: Modify the e-mail recipient

To send an email in incógnit mode or need to use a modified recipient address .Blankstamp not require installation of any software, only a small touch in the mail you will use.
For example, if you want to send an anonymous mail 
 steve_mail-2e5106df7304ae2a98bc42b30e6306fa (1)
in the recipient field you must enter
The 007 address is a whole nod to James Bond, the most famous secret agent of all time.

3: The recipient will receive mail from a false address

Just seconds later, your anonymous email will pass through the filter Blankstamp, so that the recipient will receive but not knowing that comes from you . You will see an address chosen at random with numbers and letters that have no meaning.


In signing the mail itself to see who has been sent anonymously using Blankstamp, the way the company has promoted through the mails free incognito.
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4: Purchase credits to unlimited mails incognito

Unfortunately, Blankstamp can only send five emails anonymously week . If you want touse more, you must buy credits on the website of the company .
In any case, if you will not use the service intensively, with this amount will be more than enough. It is unusual to walk secretly sending mails, so for a timely use this little trick will come great.