Facebook: A Practical Guide For Small Business.

Gone are the days when Facebook was a place to just talk to your friends and share banal things about your day. When used correctly, Facebook can be a great ally in the online marketing strategy of an SME.

In this article we explain, as a basic guide, the steps to start your fan page on Facebook.


Getting Started on Facebook if you have a Small Business.

1. Know who your target audience

Before you start creating campaigns on Facebook, you should spend some time defining who your target audience . Having a clear idea of who your customers are will help you know what kind of content you should publish.

You’ve probably done this exercise in launching your business, so it should not be difficult for you to find your potential customers on Facebook. What is your age range, gender, and location? What do you like? What hate? What are your interests?


2. Create a fan page on Facebook

To start promoting your business on social network you need to create a fan page.


3. Find your first hearing

Your Facebook page is ready. What should you do first? To Create content or look to your audience?

Our recommendation is to go creating some content before to publicize your page to your customers. Thus, it is more attractive for them to start to follow you.

Once you have already shared a few pictures and posts, it’s time to find your audience:

  • Make it known to your existing clients who have a Facebook page.
  • Add social to your website or blog buttons.
  • Spread your new Facebook page through other social channels if you have them (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Add a link to your page in your email signature.
  • Create an Email Marketing campaign if you have the resources to do so.
  • If you have a physical store adds a sign in the window.
  • Include it in your business cards.

4. Grow your audience

Now that your existing customers SMEs and follow you on Facebook is the time to expand your audience.

To enhance your reach and your number of followers will have to develop a strategy of strong content. The publication of content quality will be the key to increasing your audience.

We discuss the types of content that you can share in the next step, but we give here some strategies to improve your metrics.

Cross-promotion with other brands

Building relationships with local SMEs can be a great way to get more followers, and you will gain visibility.

Once you have found a company with which to partner can develop a strategy of cross promotion. You could collaborate on a project as a promotional video, an event, a drawing, or discount offers or promotions that the customer can choose whether to purchase in both establishments. For example, if you have a beauty salon you could associate with a fashion store with a base similar to yours customers.

Use Facebook Ads to promote your page

If you are willing to invest money in Facebook you have a great opportunist to armament your customer base.


5. Develop a content strategy

This is the important part: creating content that connects with your audience and help you win new followers.

To some extent, the content you publish on your page depends on your type of business. To illustrate some of the things you could create, we will continue with the example of the beauty salon.

Image-based content

A study conducted in 2016 found that posts with images had an interaction rate of 87%, compared to other types of content reached 4% less.

But what kind of pictures you can publish?

For beauty salon could be:

  • The before and after the makeover of a client.
  • Photos of new products in stock.
  • Images that your customers have uploaded to your profile by tagging your business.
  • Pictures of your employees working.
  • Photos of events held in the lounge.
  • Images of the new trends in cut and color of the season.

Video content

For video content you have two options. Or share content from other people or create your own videos.

In your case, some options could be:

  • Tutorials your favorite YouTube beauty gurus on how to make different hairstyles.
  • Small clips made by yourself on before and after a hair treatment.
  • viral videos on beauty and wellness to connect with your audience and adapt to your brand image

Text content

While the visual Marketing tends to have more impact, text updates should also have a hole in your strategy.

By following the above example could publish:

  • Posts that allow customers know that there is a special offer.
  • Welcome messages for new team member.
  • Updates detailing any changes in the operating hours of the establishment or information that your customers should know.

Contents of your blog

If you have a blog you can also share that content on your Facebook page and step increase your web traffic.

Cultivating a voice to suit your audience

The greatest advice we can give you in terms of content is to try to vary in format but always keep the same tone of voice.Create a voice for your brand is essential and when we talk about the presence in social networks.

The voice you choose to use should be a reflection of your products and services, your employees and your company culture and your customer base.

5. Time and frequency of your posts on Facebook

Now that you have an idea of the content could be published in this social network, we will see when and how to publish them.

How often you should post on Facebook?

By observing the publishing strategies from the best brands, you can see that the average of one post per day. Ultimately, the frequency with which publiques depend not only on these data, but also your target audience.

Depending on your type of business you can be more successful publishing several times a day, but you’ll never know unless you make track the results. We’ll discuss this in point 6.

What time you should post on Facebook?

As with the frequency, publication times depend, to some extent, your audience. In any case you should investigate and monitor the participation and scope of your recent post and see what times you get more interaction.

If you do not know where to start a study Hootsuite to found that Thursdays and Fridays from 13:00 to 15:00 are the busiest hours on Facebook, and that could give greater visibility.

Automate your posts

Like most entrepreneurs it is most likely not have time to get into Facebook every day to post your messages. So how can you do to keep your page updated fans? Fortunately, Facebook has a tool that lets you create and schedule all your messages a week. Or if you prefer, you can also do with other tools like HootSuite or Buffer, which also will serve to automate your posts on other social networks.



6. Key Metrics

To get really get the most out of a marketing campaign on Facebook you need to track key metrics. This way you will know what is working and what is not.

To do this you must first set a goal:

  • You are looking to increase your followers?
  • Want more social actions?
  • You want to improve traffic to your blog?

Once you have it you can use tools like Google Analytics, Buzz-sumo or Sumo-me to measure your results. But if you do not want to overcompensate, Facebook also can offer some interesting statistics. Just click on the “Statistics” button on the top menu of your fan page and you will see data as the scope and interaction of publications hours more participation, and increasing your followers over time.

Clearly, the process of creating a marketing campaign on Facebook for your Small Business requires some time and inclination.In this post we wanted to share with you some basic points that you should follow if you want to get the results you want.

If you want to go a step further with the Social Media Marketing just you have to post your project on our platform.

You can find the right professional to help you improve your online presence and visibility.