Different types of blogs are focused on very different goals , so you can not generalize when speaking of running a blog.

What works for one type of blog may not work for another type.
That’s why I wanted to publish this post the types of blogs that exist and what the purpose of each.

Types of Blogs


1. Personal Blog.

Created one of the blogs is the personal blog.
Most people who start in the world of blogging you do is create a personal, where the author often talk about their day to day experiences living or where he shares his opinion on different topics.
Having a personal blog is a good way to let go a bit and gain experience, although having success with a personal blog is quite complicated.
The important thing in this kind of blogs is to get a community of loyal readers.
Many people who decide to make a personal blog do not take it seriously, and they usually create on free platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com which is not bad for a start, although after having blogs on Blogger when I started in this business my recommendation is always to start directly on WordPress.org.
wordpress and blogger
  • It’s a good way to delve into the blogging.
  • It’s fun.
  • You can really write about what the hell you want and nothing happens if the content quality is not very good.
  • You can have the rhythm of publications you want.
  • The Storytelling (storytelling) is a good way to convince the reader to buy a product.
  • Not usually make money with blogs personal.
  • Adsense, usually only give to go a couple of times to the movies or out to dinner occasionally.
  • Get organic visitors (from search engines) tends to be more complicated and your visits depend more on your followers on networks.

2. Professional Blog.

A professional blog is a blog focused on a specific niche market and aims to get new customers.
In these types of blogs you will see that after each post is usually a call to action with which you are invited to register for the blog or offer you a service contract.
  • It is the ideal method to get new customers.
  • You can earn a lot of money.
  • It requires a constant rate of more publications.
  • You must have a product or service quality not to disappoint your customers.



 3. Niche Blog.

Niche blogs are blogs focused on getting Google positioning in a certain niche or micronicho and normally be monetized with Adsense, CPA and affiliate programs.

The important thing in this kind of blogs is not to get a community of readers but position in Google with a certain keyword.
  • Once positioned, you need not maintain a high rate of publications.
  • They are ideal for experimenting with SEO tricks or techniques.
  • You can get really passive income.
  • You can earn a lot of money.
  • Require an initial search to find profitable niches that have little competition.
  • It requires some knowledge of SEO to position.
  • They require considerable initial work until they reach position.
  • Maybe once positioned revenues are lower than estimated.

4.Corporate Blog.

They are blogs created by large corporations and their goal is to have a communication link with their customers to build trust, increase the number of customers, increase sales and retain existing customers.
  • They give the brand greater visibility on the Internet.
  • Build confidence.
  • Client loyalty customer.
  • Some blogs are subjective in which the client usually does not find the typical view of another customer but simply information from the company and the sector and a means to contact her.



5.Blog brand.

A brand blog is one that provides a professional brand with a personal or twist.
His goal is to make branding  sharing information on a particular subject, while sharing personal experiences that give a more positive image of the brand.

  • Increased visibility for future sales increase.
  • Closer to customers.
  • It does not generate short-term sales or visibly.

6. Blog of a private network.

These blogs are like blogs “shadow” simply created to form a network of private blogs with the aim of improving the positioning of a web that is intended to monetizing through links.

  • They serve, as I said, to improve the positioning of a website that generates revenue.
  • They do not require a community of readers.
  • They do not require constant monitoring or publication.
  • They require considerable work of SEO.

7.Blog shrapnel.

I allowed myself the luxury of baptized with this name because they are blogs which aims to make money at all costs, regardless of the media.
They are using any means, either by copying content from other websites or by tricking users to get profits through various advertising media, such as CPA.
  • You can make money with them.
  • They are not very ethical.
  • Revenues are not usually durable.


What kind of blog you like?

Now that you know the different types of blogs that exist, and can choose the blog you want to create.
Whatever the type of blog you choose, my recommendation is to use WordPress.org, the best content manager and the most used worldwide.
If you do not know how to create a blog, click here to access my guide where I will help you to create your blog in just 15 minutes.
If you are looking for a professional template for your blog, on the following pages you will find the best WordPress templates: