Choosing a good hosting where to host your blog is one of the first steps that have to think to take the plunge and throw yourself to work hard on your blog. It can be a very cumbersome process if we do not choose properly and compare the services offered by the multitude of hosting companies currently working in Spain so in this post we will go pinpoints some important points that look for when choosing a good web hosting provider.



I write this post because I made a mistake in choosing my first hosting and paid dearly. I did not have much money and only noticed me in the price. The result? Many problems to get in touch with them, constant crashes of my blog, times of great load, with the problems facing the SEO and experience of readers … Anyway, a lot of problems that I hope you have not pass after reading this post and you get to choose the best hosting from the beginning.

6 Points In Which To Look Out For When Choosing A Hosting For Your Blog 

Let’s see these six factors on which to look for when choosing a hosting arranged in order of importance from the point of view of someone who began his career with your blog and do not have too much prior knowledge. If you already have them , it is likely to be another order of importance but still, I think you should look out for these factors when choosing your web hosting.

1. Care fast, close customer and quality

I do not know if you will agree with me but this is, for me, the key point when choosing a hosting. It is very likely that, if it is your first online project, to do related to your web hosting you sound like Chinese during the first months and any changes you have to do, no matter how simple it seems, end up being an odyssey that do not know or where to start.
Choose a web host that offers a personalized customer service and that is characterized by the proximity. Have available a phone number to turn to if you do not know to solve your problem and offer a help desk.
Trust me you ‘ll appreciate that when a problem appears during the early stages of your blog, where you are “butt” work with your content because they save a lot of time and avoid bad times. 

2. Price: Do not skimp but not spend more than you need

Surely you’ve read a lot of post on the network that will encourage you to spend a paste in your service provider’s hosting because “good can not be cheap.” I agree in part but not all.
Before choosing hosting compare prices among many suppliers as you can before by one of them. A simple search on Google will help you to find the prices of all these companies and a lot of pages and post on blog recognized with c comparatives and recommendations when choosing a hosting.
Takes this data as a reference , but above all, think about your needs. You think you need a dedicated server during the first stage of your blog ? I guess not Do you think you need to choose a focus to attract plan tens of thousands of visits a day nothing more you start to write on your blog? I guess not.
Think what you need and try to focus on quality but without spending much more money than you need.


3. Expansion of services if needed

Normally a blog is a long – term project with a vocation to grow and become great gradually. When choosing your hosting, keep in mind you can grow with you as your blog readers go adding and gradually grows.
This is more important than it seems because change hosting , making a migration to another web hosting provider is not a difficult step , but if we can help it better:)
It may be that eventually, you need to register new domains , increase your hosting space, add additional services … If you hire a flexible hosting avoid a lot of future problems with this issue and its services will be adapted to your needs.

4. Quality = Upload speed for your blog and better SEO positioning

Do you think you save will be worth two or three euros a month in a super cheap hosting to make your readers to despair trying to read your content and that may take time forever to load? I assure you there.
The technical specifications that will offer the hosting you choose will be crucial when they begin to enter the first readers to your site because it has a vital influence on the loading time of your blog , hard drives using the RAM that offers processing data can blow your Chinese but I recommend that you inform your relevance before choosing your hosting and see how you appreciate with time.

5. Ease in handling interface

This is crucial if you do not have much knowledge and is the first time you throw you into a web project. It made sure there are plenty of hostings that can provide very good services in general but have such remitment bad and complicated interface that any changes you want to make mission becomes impossible if you’re not an advanced user.
Ask about this topic before choosing the hosting and seeks input from users who have already contracted with this company on the ease of handling because this will save a lot of time “spinning” by a user interface that seems created for robots and meanwhile it is showing a great lack of interest in the user experience.

6. Your content must be in a safe place

This is a typical situation of hosting too cheap and sleazy. One day you’ll get to your blog and you can not. You get scared and call the hosting company and tell you that they have suffered a massive attack and that now they have not been able to fix it . All this with your blog down and out of service.
This can happen to any company but is a situation that will have to live with great frequency if, when choosing your hosting, only you look at the price and not on the quality and safety of service.
Before hiring questions about its safety mechanisms, automatic updates they offer, controlling spam. and automatic backups to keep your data safe in case of problems. The idea is that you offer daily backups. Should not, ask how often will these copies and what the process if you have to use them .
So much for this post. I hope you liked it and although I am not an expert on this subject, I bring you able to help with these factors that I would have liked to read before hiring my first hosting that, as I told you at the beginning, it was a real odyssey.
Now I have told my 6 main factors when choosing a new hosting contrast I would love yours. What you look before choosing a hosting? Do these six factors will seem important or you look closely in others? in which?
I hope your comments :)