Originally the press releases have been a self – promotion tool for companies either to introduce new products or services to provide corporate information to the media. Although it has been much debate about its usefulness , the press releases can also be a good resource to position our company within search engines .
It’s not about writing press releases to discretion and without any sense. But if in our communication strategy we have contemplated sending press releases frequently, why not optimize for SEO?
It is true that many times, for those who work in communication, we can talk about SEO produce panic. But do not despair, do not need to be an expert in SEO to optimize our press releases. Given some points we improve our visibility on the Internet.
1. The press release must have a minimum length of 300 words .
2. Keywords: it is to detect those words that people will find us on the Internet and, at the same time, are related to our site or product. Yes, always with his head, not abuse of keywords or penalize you. Some interesting tools to make this search are the keywords planner Adwords or Google Trends .
3. Using links . Both external links pointing to third party websites (always related to our product or company), as internal links pointing to pages on our website (see item 4)
4. Add links to our website . But very careful with optimized anchor text recalls include “nofollow” to links that are directed to your website (ask the programmer you have closer). Another option is that when the brand is mentioned, for example Mazanow, is added in parentheses the url (http://mazanow.com). Thus, the url will still be present in the press release and Google also understood as a link.
5. The title should not exceed 70 characters and includes keyword that you want position.
6. Include a summary of the press release with two or three keyword and not exceeding 3 extension lines.
7. Includes images and multimedia content. The videos are a good resource to keep users on your site longer and thus be valued by Google as a quality web.
8. Use the social networks . It enables your content to be shared across different social networks and mail.
9. Choose a good news distribution platform with content and quality traffic.
10. Publish press releases quality , with interesting information that add value. Never as part of our strategy to link building.
Obviously this is not the panacea, but it does help to improve our position. Yes, we insist, careful not to include any anchor text optimized as they are considered by Google as unnatural links and this will eventually lead us a penalty